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Search Technologies

Each of us has been faced with the problem of searching for information more than once. Irregardless of the data source we are using (Internet, file system on our hard drive, data base or a global information system of a big company) the problems can be multiple and include the physical volume of the data base searched, the information being unstructured, different file types and also the complexity of accurately wording the search query. We have already reached the stage when the amount of data on one single PC is comparable to the amount of text data stored in a proper library. And as to the unstructured data flows, in future they are only going to increase, and at a very rapid tempo. If for an average user this might be just a minor misfortune, for a big company absence of control over information can mean significant problems. So the necessity to create search systems and technologies simplifying and accelerating access to the necessary information, originated long ago. Such systems are numerous and moreover not every one of them is based on a unique technology. And the task of choosing the right one depends directly on the specific tasks to be solved in the future. While the demand for the perfect data searching and processing tools is steadily growing let’s consider the state of affairs with the supply side.Not going deeply into the various peculiarities of the technology, all the searching programs and systems can be divided into three groups. These are: global Internet systems, turnkey business solutions (corporate data searching and processing technologies) and simple phrasal or file search on a local computer. Different directions presumably mean different solutions.Local searchEverything is clear about search on a local PC. It’s not remarkable for any particular functionality features accept for the choice of file type (media, text etc.) and the search destination. Just enter the name of the searched file (or part of text, for example in the Word format) and that’s it. The speed and result depend fully on the text entered into the query line. There is zero intellectuality in this: simply looking through the available files to define their relevance. This is in its sense explicable: what’s the use of creating a sophisticated system for such uncomplicated needs.Global search technologiesMatters stand totally different with the search systems operating in the global network. One can’t rely simply on looking through the available data. Huge volume (Yandex for instance can boast the indexing capacity of more than 11 terabyte of data) of the global chaos of unstructured information will make the simple search not only ineffective but also long and labor-consuming. That’s why lately the focus has shifted towards optimizing and improving quality characteristics of search. But the scheme is still very simple (except for the secret innovations of every separate system) – the phrasal search through the indexed data base with proper consideration for morphology and synonyms. Undoubtedly, such an approach works but doesn’t solve the problem completely. Reading dozens of various articles dedicated to improving search with the help of Google or Yandex, one can drive at the conclusion that without knowing the hidden opportunities of these systems finding a relevant document by the query is a matter of more than a minute, and sometimes more than an hour. The problem is that such a realization of search is very dependent on the query word or phrase, entered by the user. The more indistinct the query the worse is the search. This has become an axiom, or dogma, whichever you prefer.Of course, intelligently using the key functions of the search systems and properly defining the phrase by which the documents and sites are searched, it is possible to get acceptable results. But this would be the result of painstaking mental work and time wasted on looking through irrelevant information with a hope to at least find some clues on how to upgrade the search query. In general, the scheme is the following: enter the phrase, look through several results, making sure that the query was not the right one, enter a new phrase and the stages are repeated till the relevancy of results achieves the highest possible level. But even in that case the chances to find the right document are still few. No average user will voluntary go for the sophistication of “advanced search” (although it is equipped with a number of very useful functions such as the choice of language, file format etc.). The best would be to simply insert the word or phrase and get a ready answer, without particular concern for the means of getting it. Let the horse think – it has a big head. Maybe this is not exactly up to the point, but one of the Google search functions is called “I am feeling lucky!” characterizes very well the existent searching technologies. Nevertheless, the technology works, not ideally and not always justifying the hopes, but if you allow for the complexity of searching through the chaos of Internet data volume, it could be acceptable.Corporate systemsThe third on the list are the turnkey solutions based on the searching technologies. They are meant for serious companies and corporations, possessing really large data bases and staffed with all sorts of information systems and documents. In principle, the technologies themselves can also be used for home needs. For example, a programmer working remotely from the office will make good use of the search to access randomly located on his hard drive program source codes. But these are particulars. The main application of the technology is still solving the problem of quickly and accurately searching through large data volumes and working with various information sources. Such systems usually operate by a very simple scheme (although there are undoubtedly numerous unique methods of indexing and processing queries underneath the surface): phrasal search, with proper consideration for all the stem forms, synonyms etc. which once again leads us to the problem of human resource. When using such technology the user should first word the query phrases which are going to be the search criteria and presumably met in the necessary documents to be retrieved. But there is no guarantee that the user will be able to independently choose or remember the correct phrase and furthermore, that the search by this phrase will be satisfactory.One more key moment is the speed of processing a query. Of course, when using the whole document instead of a couple of words, the accuracy of search increases manifold. But up to date, such an opportunity has not been used because of the high capacity drain of such a process. The point is that search by words or phrases will not provide us with a highly relevant similarity of results. And the search by phrase equal in its length the whole document consumes much time and computer resources. Here is an example: while processing the query by one word there is no considerable difference in speed: whether it’s 0,1 or 0,001 second is not of crucial importance to the user. But when you take an average size document which contains about 2000 unique words, then the search with consideration for morphology (stem forms) and thesaurus (synonyms), as well as generating a relevant list of results in case of search by key words will take several dozens of minutes (which is unacceptable for a user).The interim summaryAs we can see, currently existing systems and search technologies, although properly functioning, don’t solve the problem of search completely. Where speed is acceptable the relevancy leaves more to be desired. If the search is accurate and adequate, it consumes lots of time and resources. It is of course possible to solve the problem by a very obvious manner – by increasing the computer capacity. But equipping the office with dozens of ultra-fast computers which will continuously process phrasal queries consisting of thousands of unique words, struggling through gigabytes of incoming correspondence, technical literature, final reports and other information is more than irrational and disadvantageous. There is a better way.The unique similar content searchAt present many companies are intensively working on developing full text search. The calculation speeds allow creating technologies that enable queries in different exponents and wide array of supplementary conditions. The experience in creating phrasal search provides these companies with an expertise to further develop and perfect the search technology. In particular, one of the most popular searches is the Google, and namely one of its functions called the “similar pages”. Using this function enables the user to view the pages of maximum similarity in their content to the sample one. Functioning in principle, this function does not yet allow getting relevant results – they are mostly vague and of low relevancy and furthermore, sometimes utilizing this function shows complete absence of similar pages as a result. Most probably, this is the result of the chaotic and unstructured nature of information in the Internet. But once the precedent has been created, the advent of the perfect search without a hitch is just a matter of time.What concerns the corporate data processing and knowledge retrieval systems, here the matters stand much worse. The functioning (not existing on paper) technologies are very few. And no giant or the so called search technology guru has so far succeeded in creating a real similar content search. Maybe, the reason is that it’s not desperately needed, maybe – too hard to implement. But there is a functioning one though.SoftInform Search Technology, developed by SoftInform, is the technology of searching for documents similar in their content to the sample. It enables fast and accurate search for documents of similar content in any volume of data. The technology is based on the mathematical model of analyzing the document structure and selecting the words, word combinations and text arrays, which results in forming a list of documents of maximum similarity the sample text abstract with the relevancy percent defined. In contrast to the standard phrasal search by the similar content search there is no need to determine the key words beforehand – the search is conducted through the whole document. The technology works with several sources of information that can be stored both in text files of txt, doc, rtf, pdf, htm, html formats, and the information systems of the most popular data bases (Access, MS SQL, Oracle, as well as any SQL-supporting data bases). It also additionally supports the synonyms and important words functions that enable to carry out a more specific search.The similar search technology enables to significantly cut time wasted on searching and reviewing the same or very similar documents, diminish the processing time at the stage of entering data into the archive by avoiding the duplicate documents and forming sets of data by a certain subject. Another advantage of the SoftInform technology is that it’s not so sensitive to the computer capacity and allows processing data at a very high speed even on ordinary office computers.This technology is not just a theoretic development. It has been tested and successfully implemented in a project of giving legal advice via phone, where the speed of information retrieval is of crucial importance. And it will undoubtedly be more than useful in any knowledge base, analytical service and support department of any large firm. Universality and effectiveness of the SoftInform Search Technology allows solving a wide spectrum of problems, arising while processing information. These include the fuzziness of information (at the document entering stage it is possible to immediately define whether such a document already belongs to the data base or not) and the similarity analysis of the documents which are already entered into the data base, and the search for semantically similar documents which saves time spent on selecting the appropriate key words and viewing the irrelevant documents.PerspectivesBesides its primary assignment (fast and high quality search for information in huge volume such as texts, archives, data bases) an Internet direction could also be defined. For example, it is possible to work out an expert system to process incoming correspondence and news which will become an important tool for analysts from different companies. Mainly, this will be possible due to the unique similar content search technology, absent from any of the existent systems so far except for the SearchInform. The problem of spamming search engines with the so called doorways (hidden pages with key words redirecting to the site’s main pages and used to increase the page rating with the search engines) and the e-mail spam problem (a more intellectual analysis would ensure higher level of security) would also be solved with the help of this technology. But the most interesting perspective of the SoftInform Search technology is creating a new Internet search engine, the main competitive advantage of which would be ability to search not just by key words, but also for similar web pages, which will add to the flexibility of search making it more comfortable and efficient.To draw a conclusion, it could be stated with confidence that the future belongs to the full text search technologies, both in the Internet and the corporate search systems. Unlimited development potential, adequacy of the results and processing speed of any size of query make this technology much more comfortable and in high demand. SoftInform Search technology might not be the pioneer, but it’s a functioning, stable and unique one with no existent analogues (which can be proved by the active Eurasian patent). To my mind, even with the help of the “similar search” it will be difficult to find a similar technology.

How to Put a Price on an SEO Campaign?

One of the big mysteries of web development is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and an even bigger mystery is how much does it cost. It has become fairly common knowledge for anybody who owns a website now that SEO is essential when gaining traffic that is directly related to your website’s content using targeted keywords or keyphrases.However, it is not common knowledge knowing how much SEO costs.The cost of SEO can vary depending on the size and stature of the company you are using. It also depends on the nature of the website being optimised and what keyphrases you want to rank for.There are many different techniques used in SEO, some of them are good and some of them are bad. Unfortunately not all the SEO Companies practice the right methods and are taking advantage of their clients lack of knowledge. Using the wrong SEO company could have an adverse affect on your websites rankings due to techniques being used that Google and other search engines frown upon. Those techniques may give you short-term results but in the long-term they will negatively effect your rankings and may even get your site totally blacklisted.So, what price do we put on SEO? There is no true answer to that due to all the variables that need to be considered. The only way you can truly know how much SEO costs is figure out how much it’s worth to you to improve you rankings and what you’re willing to spend to get one of the top search engine positions.The cost of SEO will vary depending on what us search engine optimisers call authority. Every website has a level of authority and this is what the search engines use to rank them. The authority your site depends on many variables which are out of your hands and the optimisers. It’s the optimisers job to give your site more authority in the eyes of the search engines which is where it become hard to put a cost on it. Every website is different much like a human beings fingerprints. Unfortunately there is no set SEO procedure that can magically boost your rankings. Each SEO campaign should be tailor made to suit the website, the content, the target market and the user.What to consider when creating an SEO budgetBelow are a number of factors that need to be considered when putting together an SEO budget. If your website has the following elements its likely you can improve your rankings quicker.The Age of Your Website – The age of a website can effect how a website is ranked. Websites that have been around for many years are perceived by Google and other search engines to have more authority. Older websites are likely to have more inbound backlinks generated over time which again adds to the authority.The Number of Pages on Your Website – Websites with more pages generally rank higher than smaller sites. The more pages you have the more content there is. The more content there is on a specific subject will gain your site more authority. The search engines will read all the content and scan the pages for keywords and links. All the pages will link to other content on the site which is a big tick in the eyes of Google.What Keywords you Want to Rank For – This is a very important factor that most people tend to overlook. When determining the cost of SEO you need to look at how competitive the keyword is. The more competitive the keyword is the harder it is to rank for it and the harder the keyword is to rank for the more the SEO campaign will cost. I often use this sample but ill reiterate it again… If I want to rank for “SEO” its going to be very hard as there are so many people out there also trying to rank for it and its a keyword where people know what they are doing when it come to SEO so that will make it even harder. But, if I target a more specific keyword like “Central Coast Organic SEO” there is going to be a lot less competition going for that term and the content is more targeted so it will be a much easier term to rank for.How Fast do you need to get Results – If you need quick results SEO is probably not the best avenue to pursue. Your online marketing campaign may be better suited to a Pay Per Click Campaign. However, if you need quick results more work will need to be put in initially to insure your website has a solid foundation and your content is being presented to Google as clearly as possible. Getting fast results means undertaking detailed research and creating specific content based on that research. That said, a quick fix SEO campaign is never a good way to go about it and longterm SEO is always more beneficial in securing longterm results.Conclusion So all in all, SEO is very hard to put a set price on. There are too many variables that must be considered to have an out-of-the-box solution. Quality SEO needs to be carefully thought out and a customised solution developed based on the unique requirements of the website. For more SEO information and to get in touch with SEO Specialists visit BigClick.com.au and they will be able to come up with a longterm SEO plan.

Boat Insurance to Secure Your Boats

Insurance, in any form, is a blessing in disguise! It safeguards you and your possessions in times of need and distress. Hence, entities and possessions that are invaluable and priceless to you must be insured well ahead in time. An insurance policy will ensure that you or your priceless entity is secure and covered during mishaps, thefts or other incidents. Insurance comes in all forms. Whether it is insuring your own body parts like eyes, kidneys, lungs etc or insurance of your house; whether it is the insurance of your own life so that your family members can get monetary aid when you are not with them or insuring your car or boat to protect in case it gets damaged due to accidents or theft; all types of insurance exist and are very much in demand by the futuristic people. Providing incomparable and immaculate boat insurance quotes and boat insurance policies to people for safeguarding their belongings (especially boats), is insurance companies!Facts about insurance quotes:Just like any other kind of insurance, the expensive and articulate boats and ships too can be insured. If you are a proud owner of a lavish boat or a ship or a yacht or a sail; then you should not go anywhere else other than insurance companies for getting the best insurance quotes and availing the most customer friendly sail boat insurance and other boat insurance policies.Now you can keep your boats and sails in safe hands and under all time coverage by purchasing the sail boat insurance policies and benefits from insurance companies. This renowned boat policies organization will facilitate you with a range of economical insurance quotes that will certainly not burn a hole in your pocket and can be availed with other perks as well.Tips and tricks for getting the best insurance policies:When you are on the mission of availing the best boat insurance, it can be a very confusing and challenging task. Keep the following tricks and points in mind to sail successfully in the insurance sea:• Always compare and contrast the boat protection quotes and prices of the insurance policies being offered. Initially, you might be tempted by the extremely cheap rates being offered. But don’t get lured by what you hear. Scan through the terms as well as conditions vigorously before purchasing the policy.• Try to hire or be in touch with a lawyer before you buy sail boat protection. A lawyer will help you in understanding the legal terms and complications, so that you are sure what you are investing in.• The skilled professionals at companies will also guide you through the entire process. You can rely on their experience and expertise. You can even get an insurance policy customized according to your requirements and budget.The best boat insurance quotes plans with companies!The coverage for protection provided by this esteemed boat insurance company has wide variations to suit your each and every need. Be it coverage for the physical damaging of your boat or your personal belongings; medical liability insurance to boat liability insurance, spillage and salvage coverage or commercial towing; all kinds of insurances and coverage can be purchased from a one stop shop of boat plans and policies.

Top 5 styles for decorating an apartment

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is more important than ever to design your home in such a way that you can relax in it. A place where we feel comfortable. This is precisely what is reflected in the latest trends.

1. Loft – urbanization with sophistication

An excellent option for apartments and country houses. Unplastered walls, one-meter high ceilings, and a lot of steel.

When it comes to loft-style furnishings, one thing is important above all: uniqueness is combined with vintage and thus creates an individual look. Furniture and decorations made from materials such as glass, antique wood, or stainless steel immediately emphasize the austere industrial look. Unplastered walls of concrete or brick also represent a loft.

2. Scandinavian style

As the name suggests, this style of the interior has been heavily influenced by Scandinavian minimalism and Scandinavian interior designers. Light and fresh colors combined with elements of light wood and other natural materials are typical of a Scandinavian style apartment. As a general rule of thumb, the simpler the better. Therefore, the style has a simple and straightforward appearance. This style of furniture is characterized by clear lines and laconic design. Scandinavian home accessories, such as lambskin rugs and wool pillows, or indirect light sources such as candles, continue to create warmth and coziness.

3. Mediterranean style

The sea setting is reminiscent of summer vacations and relaxing days by the sea. So why not bring that feeling to your four walls?

First, you need to decide on the right colors. Soft beige, cream, and white tones at the base characterize the nautical style of the interior. To match the look of the sea and sailing, you can add natural accents in blue and add some red. Light pastel colors will give the interior a romantic look.

You can use nature as a guide not only for the color scheme but also for the choice of materials. Fabrics like linen are reminiscent of cool beach bars, while light-colored furnishings reflect the lightness of the sea. Your inspiration can also be found in home accessories. For example, you can work with handcrafted seashells or sand to create the perfect nautical look.

4. Vintage style

Vintage and retro style is not only a subject for nostalgia, it can also be correctly implemented and look super modern.

Whether it’s a wild seventies or an elegant look: stick to your ideal lifestyle and go. Pick a few pieces of furniture from your favorite style and add a real touch to your home with vintage pieces. Buffet, dining table can be bought for little money at flea markets or auctions. In addition to classic wood, leather and metal are the most common retro materials. Romantic floral patterns and understated prints also add a nostalgic touch to the interior.

5. Modern design

The following applies to modern lifestyles: Less is more! The furnishings and décor in a modern design are characterized by straight lines and a simple overall concept. Despite the laconic style of the furnishings, you can add personal accents with interesting style combinations. The contemporary style blends perfectly with minimalist furnishings.

Secrets of Japanese women

In this country, you rarely find a woman whose face shows signs of fatigue and aging. What makes Japanese women look 10-15 years younger? What is the secret of their firm, clear skin and slenderness?

From an early age, girls in Japan are taught to take care of themselves. Women know that one of the main treatments is nighttime skincare. The night is the perfect time to be more beautiful. Skin cells regenerate much faster at night. In addition, the production of collagen, a protein responsible for skin firming, peaks between 11:00 pm and 4:00 am.

The night is the perfect time to pamper yourself with real beauty treatments. This helps the skin to look healthier and more beautiful.

7 Japanese beauty secrets

The so-called layering is a beauty ritual that is more commonly used not only in Japan but all over the world. It consists of 7 steps that should be repeated every night.

1. Makeup removal

The first golden rule that every woman knows. For this, products based on natural oils are suitable, which are gently rubbed into the skin.

2. Cleansing the skin.

After removing your makeup, it is important to remove all impurities from your skin with mild soap and water. In this case, too, choose a product that is safe for the skin.

3. Applying tonic

The toner balances the skin and prepares it for further care. In this case, floral-based facial toners are best.

4. Application of the serum.

A serum designed to stimulate skin cells. Choose it according to your skin type: dry, sensitive, or oily skin.

5. Care of the skin around the eyes.

The area around the eyes is one of the most sensitive. Remember to gently apply a cream suitable for the eye area before bed.

6. Application of face cream.

You will also need to apply a face cream that suits you.

7. Applying lip balm.

The last step, which is often overlooked, is lips: a little shea butter will be enough to keep the lips soft.

8th beauty secret

Sleep at least 8 hours a night and give your skin and entire body the sleep it deserves.

Another secret of Japanese longevity is food

If you think that Japanese people look good for eating quality, freshly cooked food, then you are wrong. Of course, in Japan, the cult of healthy and tasty food is very developed, which helps to maintain slimness and youth, but on an ongoing basis, people here do not eat like that. Although the kitchen is full of healthy ingredients, due to the lack of time, the whole country is fed on industrial products.

There are thousands of vending machines on every corner across the country that sells this kind of food. Most citizens consume just such dishes from lunch boxes because it comes out of the vending machine already hot and appetizing. Also worth mentioning are the variety of fried foods such as tempura, tonkatsu, and karaga.

Analyzing the positive aspects of food in Japan, even industrial products are well controlled and do not contain as many chemicals as in other countries. Japan ranks fourth in the ranking for high-quality food.

Japanese sweets are made with little sugar and salt. This has a very positive effect on health and appearance. One of the things that help Japanese people stay young and thin is their daily miso soup and green tea.

The rejuvenating effect of hot springs and baths

Bathing in onsen hot springs is the basis of Japanese culture, they are full of minerals and necessary for skin rejuvenation.

Hot springs are rich in medicines that can help fight various diseases, relax, burn calories, remove impurities, improve blood circulation, relieve pain and pressure, moisturize the skin and have a thousand other benefits.

Some Japanese people go to the onsen almost every day or once a week. Most Japanese homes have a bathtub and an onsen, and the benefits are similar to those of hot springs.

How to protect your personal data on the Internet

Back in the day people were able to keep secrets. But since the advent of the digital and information age, a number of opportunities to safeguard the confidentiality of your personal affairs have diminished.

Data on your everyday activities preformed online such as chatting with friends, vacationing or shopping and much more are put and stored on the servers of various companies and organizations. And this information can be sold, stolen or utilized in the way its new owners see fit.

So it should come as no surprise that an issue of concern to many modern Internet users is the question of personal data protection. That’s why we invite you to acquaint yourself with simple tips on how protect your privacy on the web.

In this regard, it would be prudent to undertake the following measure:

1) Set up the settings of your accounts created on social networking sites.

Every social media platform is a priceless source of information for hustlers collecting your personal data that might consequently be used to commit fraud against you. For this reason, it’s critical to configure the privacy settings of your social media profile correctly.

2) Take care of your e-mail account.

As a rule, your e-mail box contains a lot of passwords to your accounts created on different websites. And this is no surprise in the view of the fact that recovering a password for access to a web resource is carried out with the help of messages sent via e-mail.

That’s why you really need to see to it that the security settings of your main e-mail account are configured properly. Moreover, if you wish to sign up for some new site of dubious reputation, you’d better create an additional e-mail account and enter your extra e-mail address into the site’s registration form so as not to flash your main address in front of unknown people.

3) Be careful when using free Wi-Fi networks.

Free Wi-Fi networks may look like credible Internet hotspots provided by a local café or library. However, it’s quite difficult to tell the difference between decent Wi-Fi networks and malevolent ones. In order to create a malicious Wi-Fi hotspot, a fraudster will need just a laptop and a Wi-Fi adapter to start sharing an Internet connection, and con artists do use this method to intercept the logins and passwords of users who try to connect to the Internet through their networks.

4) Stay clear of insecure passwords.

If your information is protected by a weak password, you might as well scream it to a megaphone in the middle of a shopping mall that is chock-full of people, since simple passwords normally fail to protect your personal data.

That’s why you should consider setting up long, complex and unique passwords to all of your Internet accounts. Surely, it’s hard to keep all passwords to numerous websites in your head, but that’s no problem, because password managers can come to your rescue.

The password managers are computer programs designed to store logins and passwords to your user accounts created on various websites and ensure safe logging on to those web resources. Put simply, they represent secure vaults inside which log on details are hidden.

As soon as you download and install the program, you will have to remember only one combination – the one that is necessary for access to a password manager.

5) Protect yourself from Internet surveillance.

When you go to any website, your Internet browser informs it of lots of interesting stuff about you and what other sites you have already visited. With the help of this information, marketing specialists compile your personal profile in order to show you targeted advertisements afterwards. Using the Incognito mode of your Internet browser won’t save you from a personal data leak in this case – to this end, you need to utilize specialized tools.

Just google “Internet security software” to find programs aimed at protecting you from the collection of personal data on the web and hence to avoid Internet surveillance.

6) Use messengers that provide end-to-end encryption.

Most of modern messengers use such a security mechanism as encryption. However, in many of them, messages are only being encrypted when they are transmitted to the server, whereas on the server, they are stored unencrypted.

What happens if someone hacks into the server? That’s right, your personal data fall into the hands of fraudsters. In order to prevent the risk of identity theft, you should only rely on messengers that provide end-to-end encryption.

When you use such applications, you can be certain that outsiders including the application creators won’t be able to read your messages, since it’s you and your interlocutor that have cipher keys.

Please note that in some messengers such as WhatsApp, end-to-end encryption is activated by default, whereas in other applications, namely, Telegram or Facebook Messenger, you need to start a secret chat in order to enable this feature.

That’s pretty much all we wanted to tell you about how to protect your personal data on the Internet. We hope that our tips will help you to enjoy being online without fear of being place under observation or losing your private information.

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Signs of possessive relationships

Conditional love communicates messages like: “I have done so much for you, so here is what you have to do for me.” Or “I need you’re: time. Love, to be here, attention, you have to live your life according to what I believe and think.” “You have to take care of me exactly the way I want. If you don’t do what I want, there will be consequences.” “If you don’t do what I want, I will take away your house, your car, your food, my love, if you disrespect me by not doing what I say!”.

This kind of psychologically suffocating relationship can be even physically suffocating, for the person’s wife/kids it concerns. It does not allow personal space outside that approved by the conditional love abuser. The partner of the abuser has to give up all the choices for his/her life, wants and needs are intentionally ignored for the sake of the conditional love abuser’s egocentric purposes. “No, you can’t spend the day with your family for the holidays. We can go for an hour.” “If you spend time with anyone but me, it means you don’t love me, and I will take all my love and everything I give to you away. You can go if you like, but you have to be home when I say.” “Sure, we can get a dog. But it has to be one kind I want”.

Relationship with the ultimatum

The persona inside the demanding and possessive soul hides a needy little child, they long for love and appreciation. If you don’t provide it the way, they want and need conditional love, the abuser will punish you. Under the surface lies deep-seated insecurity and fear of loss, especially of relationships, because that is how they will punish you. The conditional love abuser is practically incapable of experiencing self-love and self-acceptance. The behavior of giving an ultimatum to punish their husband/wife/kids with consequences is a great example of how they compensate.

Possessive love cannot accept the connection of love through the heart. They cannot understand they were born “good, and wonderful” the need for affirmation, confirmation, and domination of the persons in their life is what they need to control to feel ‘Okay.” They want you to listen intently and patiently to their point of view and stories over and over, and expect never to have to listen to you. They expect and need you to agree with their viewpoint and to act with their moral ideas about life. You are not allowed to have an opinion or thought. The grip on their children is suffocating, and they will squeeze tighter if a child tries to break loose in living an adult life or having a partner, or making a decision based on needs opposite that of the “conditional love abuser” rules. He/she demands you give up everything and take care of their health and daily needs regardless of your own needs. The “conditional love abuser” will withhold their help, support, love, if you don’t meet their demands. Nothing you do will ever be enough.

The “conditional love abuser”

The “conditional love abuser” is constricting and criticizing everyone and everything in their life. They desperately try to be the center of attention, and this behavior leads to what they fear most: loss of relationships. Social and gentle personalities are most likely the type of people to fall victim to the above-described emotional vampires. Unfortunately, the unknowing child and weak partner of such a person will never be able to live your own life. They may use cunning management techniques that touch your heart. They willingly help you, support you financially, and worry about your well-being, but support is based on the conditions they set over time. They depend on you; they could use sickness to draw your attention. It happens over time and in limited doses. All of these behaviors belong in a normal relationship, but in a possessive relationship, these methods are used to make you do what they want, to exercise power in a gentle way. And if you dare to act on your own and in a way they did not think of or approve, they will let you know with self-pity or anger that you’re something they did not approve of and that you are the cause of their unhappiness. Of course, the illusion making you feel guilty is the way they control you to fight your spiritual freedom and progress.

Find your aim for this life

The road to recovery for you is to understand the psychology of the situation. Realizing that no matter how loving and giving you wish to be. You cannot live somebody else’s life; each person is put on this earth to do something useful with the gifts God gave us. Unhappiness, stress, energy drains will show you that something is wrong with your situation. You are the only person who can decide and find your aim for this life. In order to be happy, you have to insist calmly and consistently on your personal space to get the happiness you deserve. Telling a loved one “no” does not mean that you have stopped loving that person.

10 rules of instant messaging at work

Business chat is an important part of any workplace. It’s different from your casual instant messaging with friends so you have to take it seriously and responsibly. After all, your co-workers’ and managers’ opinions of you depend on how you communicate with them.

Did you ever feel like you don’t know how to answer when your boss is messaging you?

Should you use emojis?

What’s the best way to make a good impression on others using a corporate chat room?

Here are the 10 rules that can help you answer these questions.

Rule 1: use it only during work hours

Life isn’t all about work. Everybody must have time to themselves. Don’t send messages to people after your workday is over. Firstly, because there’s a good chance they won’t respond. Secondly, you risk annoying your co-workers and coming across as an extremely disagreeable person.

Here’s another tip: silence your phone when you go to bed. This way you’ll make sure nobody will wake you up in the middle of the night with work-related questions.

Rule 2: be concise and get straight to the point

If there’s something you want to ask about, do just that. There’s no need to send “Good morning!” to the chat room and wait for them to respond. It’s nothing but a waste of time. Think of a short message that perfectly describes your issue or question. Don’t spam short phrases! This is distracting and lowers your chances to get a proper answer.

Rule 3: no voice messages

Multiple voice messages stacking up in a corporate chat room are probably one of the most irritating things. Perhaps it would be better to write a longer message. It wouldn’t hurt to think of your co-workers. They will spend less time reading a single typed message than trying to figure out what all those voice messages are about.

If it’s something urgent, it would be better to talk over the phone or in person.

Rule 4: remember why you started a conversation in the first place

It’s a corporate chat room, so keep it to the point. No one will be happy to answer a question like “Do you think I should adopt a dog?” or “Guess what I dreamt about last night?”

Create another chat room for casual communication if you have to. But remember that common business etiquette rules will apply to it as well.

Rule 5: don’t spam emojis and stickers

Chances are your management won’t be against emojis but it’s important not to go overboard with them. Stickers are a bit different. Don’t forget to view all the stickers available and make sure that those you use are appropriate.

In fact, the smartest thing to do right after they add you to the chat room is to scroll up and down and see how your co-workers normally communicate. Another option is to ask them if they have any special corporate chat rules one must follow.

Rule 6: your profile picture must be as simple as possible

Normally, chat room messages are not as formal as emails. However, making sure that your profile pictures are appropriate still won’t hurt. Something too funny, too dramatic, or too personal might not cut it.

Rule 7: check your grammar and spelling

People don’t often think too much about spelling and proper grammar when they talk to someone via text messages or instant messengers. And yet when you use a corporate chat room, it’s worth checking your messages before you send them. This way you’ll at least make sure your auto-correct won’t embarrass you.

Rule 8: avoid using slang words and phrases

It’s okay to use slang when all of your co-workers and managers are fairly young people. It’s still a good idea not to go overboard with abbreviations, though. Some people might have a hard time understanding you.

However, it’s different when you have to communicate with people of different age groups. In this case, it would be best to avoid slang altogether. Older people might frown upon it and your managers won’t be amused if they see an “okay, boomer” coming from you. So watch what you say and how you say it.

Rule 9: don’t ignore any messages when they address you

This is another thing that can be incredibly annoying: messaging someone and waiting for a response for hours. Don’t be that guy. If you are too busy to answer a message, just let them know. Say you can’t answer at the moment but will respond as soon as you can. Change your status to “unavailable” or “do not disturb”, or anything similar if you have to.

Rule 10: use the Reply option

When there are too many messages in the corporate chat, it might get a little confusing. So use the Reply button to keep the context.

When it comes to the corporate chat rules, there’s nothing complicated. Make it clear and concise, get to the business, and don’t go overboard with emojis. And as always, the “do as you would be done by” rule applies here as well.

How to get your ex-girlfriend back

You just realized that you made a huge mistake by breaking up with your girlfriend. Now, you want her back, but you don’t know what to do. Before you do try to get your girlfriend back, think very carefully about it. The reason you might have cheated is that you no longer love her, and getting her back and breaking her heart again can be very messy. The same goes if you dumped her, you need to work hard to get her back because she might end up not trusting you.

Admit to yourself that you want her back

When getting your girlfriend back, you need to lose your pride for the time being. It’s you who wants her back, so it means you should be the one to make adjustments. Swallowing your pride should have limits, if she really makes it hard for you and you did your best, it’s time to stop. She might just be playing around or getting revenge because you have hurt her.

Act fast but don’t hurry

You need to give some space to her, some space because you have hurt her. Give her time to think about it. Approaching an angry person would just lead to arguments. Don’t act after a long time as well, since you will give the impression that you don’t want her back. Remember, the slower you act on getting your girlfriend back would also mean the faster the opportunity would close.

Try to remember what your ex-girlfriend liked about you

Use those attitudes to your advantage. If being sweet was one of the reasons she fell in love with you, then be extra sweet to her. Also, since you know her already, do things that she’ll like and appreciate. It would like courting her again but on a higher level. Make her feel that you’re still the man of her dreams.

Say sorry and accompany it with actions

If a person has been wronged by someone, the word that that person would like to hear would be sorry, the same goes for your girlfriend. It is the first step that will make you look sincere about what you’re doing. Don’t end your apology by just saying sorry, do something to make her feel that you’re really sorry. Flower, chocolates are common stuff you can give, but adding a little extra effort would go a long way. If you can sing and play the guitar, record it and give it to her, just make sure you choose the appropriate song. Draw a caricature of yourself saying sorry and even put tears on it; this might even make her laugh. Most girls are mushy and like to know that they are worth your time.

Let her feel your presence, but not all the time

All women would like a partner they can rely on, which you are showing by being there, but being there with her all the time would make you look like a loser without a life. Some girls would like that you’re with them all the time, but these girls are only a handful. Be there for her and make her feel that you still care for her but casually mention that you were at the gym hanging out, doing that would leave her curious and make her more interested in you.

The Advantages of Having Time Clock Software

The advantages of time management and attendance software are numerous, particularly when it comes to helping your organization monitor staff and reduce your labor costs. Detailed surveys show that a time clock can provide your business with critical information on how the hours of your employees are being managed, along with any delays, as well as vacation and sick days. Knowing how time is spent will help your business thrive by allowing you to determine where help is needed most and in what time management area.Some areas that time clock software will improve your business are:· Easy access to enter scheduling for the start, end and break· Categorize different periods of extra time· Produce records relating to hours, days and staff by department· Produce records for employees working off-siteWhether you are an organization with 20 employees or a large company with 500 employees, specialists consult with time clock software companies to determine exactly which software product best meets your budget and your needs. They should also provide an analysis of a return on your investment so that you are able to choose your software competently knowing that you’ve made a smart purchase decision as well as a profitable one. Your goal should be to get your business up and running as soon as possible with your new time clock, with minimal effort.A popular choice of time clock model in this day and age is a web-based one. Web-based units are a great solution for companies with workers all over the country. For more centralized businesses, a simple biometric clock is a good choice as software installation is minimal and set up is easy. Punch cards are a cheaper choice, though they will not calculate hours or import data into payroll data. A human hand would be needed to put that data into the system. Whatever the need, there is a time clock system that will work. The trick is finding the best one at the price point you are comfortable with.If you follow these simple tips, you should be up and running effectively in no time. The great part about a time clock is that you will be saving money in the long run. Remember that you do not need to choose the most expensive software out there just to be effective. Choose the unit that works best for your business needs and for your business’s budget.